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Documents by Pope John Paul II

Culture and Education:
On Catholic Universities, September 12, 1987
On Evolution, October 22, 1996

Redemptor Hominis

God and Man:
On Prayer, 1989

Human Life and the Family:
Familiaris Consortio, 1981
Letter to Families

Philosophy, Faith, and Reason:
On the Life of John Henry Newman

Social and Political Affairs:
On the 50th Anniversay of World War II
On America Boggs

The Church and the Laity:
On Penance
On the Hour of the Laity
Articles on the work of Pope John Paul II

Culture and Education:
Bole on Science and Religion
Johnson on Galileo
Sherwin on Science and Faith

On the Pope's Encyclicals:
Hittinger on Centesimus
Schall on Redemptor Hominis (1979)
Schall on Redemptor Hominis (2005)
Schall on Veritatis Splendor

God and Man:
Hittinger on Papacy
Kupczak on Wojtyla
Schall on Person and Society
Thomistic Personalism

Human Life and the Family:

Philosophy, Faith, and Reason:
Neuhaus Summary of Fides et Ratio
Waldstein on whether John Paul II is a Good Teacher

Social and Political Affairs:
Schall: Not by Justice Alone

The Church and the Laity:
Schall on Moral Disorder

On Poland

Dr. Ewa Thompson, Professor at Rice University, has shared an article entitled "Karol Wojtyla's Literary Milieu: The Formation of a Moral Conscience," in Crisis, October 1984, pp. 18-22.

She has also recommended the following for background reading on Poland:

Ways of Remembering: the Case of Poland (Toronto Slavic Quarterly)-- on why so little is known of Polish history

Sarmatian Review: read more or less everything that attracts their attention, especially book reviews. In recent issues, recommended are the following reviews:

"The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt"
a moving account of the destruction of Warsaw (far exceeding the destruction of Dresden)
"Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War"
on Western blindness and Western mistakes concerning WW2

and two medieval Polish thinkers:
"On just and unjust wars"
"Justice and Mercy. . ."
Polish thirteenth-century chronicler (and bishop) meditates on these philosophical concepts

also, "The Spirit of Polish History"
a spiritual interpretation of Polish history

Of Dr. Thompson's work, she recommends the following (which may be found on her website):
Nationalist Propaganda in the Soviet Russian Press
Zbigniew Herbert: the courage to Live
Postmodernism and European Memory
The Katyn Massacre and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

An excellent John Paul II Bibliography maintained by Fr. Dailey, OSFS

Cardinal Newman Society

Dr. Freddoso, University of Notre Dame

Center for Ethics and Culture, University of Notre Dame

Reflections on the Philosopher Pope

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