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Mission of the Forum

To promote the understanding of the thought of Pope John Paul II and to develop his legacy as it forms and equips the Church for the new evangelization.

Pope John Paul II was active in promoting integral human development. He traveled around the world to meet with leaders from many countries and from various sectors of society so as to better understand the problems of the modern world and to create a strong Christian presence in the midst of the projects and activities of culture, economics, politics, international relations, and life and family

Goals of the Pope John Paul II Forum:

  • To provide educational opportunities for the study of the thought of Pope John Paul II
  • To build communities of "joy in truth" through the dialogue of faith and reason and human fellowship
  • To provide information and books to further the study of the life and thought of Pope John Paul II

Core Truths of the Pope John Paul II Forum: 

In the activities of the Pope John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World the following core truths (and key writings) will be emphasized and explored:

  1. That reason requires faith for its proper orientation and completion, and faith needs reason for its explication and understanding (Fides et ratio / On Faith and Reason)
  2. That the human person possesses a special dignity and is made for communion and transcendence (The Redeemer of Man / Redemptor hominis)
  3. That morality is objective and known by way of natural law (The Splendor of Truth / Veritatis splendor)
  4. That political life must promote participation and the common good, protect the fundamental rights of the person, and follow the principle of subsidiarity (On the Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum / Centesimus annus)
  5. That the Christian task in world is to develop a culture of life and to build a civilization of love (Evangelium vitae / The Gospel of Life)

Activities of the Forum:

  • Public lectures
  • Talks for special groups of students, professionals, and parish groups
  • Workshops for faculty development
  • Conferences
  • Distribution of books and writings by Pope John Paul II
  • Blog on the thought of Pope John Paul II

Welcome to the website for the Pope John Paul II Forum for the Church in the Modern World

062411BeatusJPII.jpgA man of great courage and wisdom, Saint John Paul II inspired millions of people with his life and teaching. Philosopher, actor and playwrite, poet, pastor, mystic and statesman, Pope John Paul II blazed a great path in the world.  His great legacy will serve the education and formation of men and women for generations to come – well into this new millennium upon which he launched the Church.

The Pope John Paul II Forum exists to explore and to develop his legacy and to share it with all those interested in seeking the whole truth about the world and human existence. "Be not afraid!" he said upon assuming his role as Pope in 1978.

I hope you check our website from time to time to learn about upcoming events. Explore the legacyand archives for papers and videos of great speakers who have visited the Forum such as Archbishop Chaput, Fred Freddoso, Rick Santorum, Michael Waldstein and many others. Our resources page provides some materials to learn about and study the legacy of Saint John Paul II.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions on how to improve this website or ideas about how we might continue to explore and learn from the legacy of Saint John Paul II.

Yours truly,

John P Hittinger


"To those who had the opportunity to be close to him, that firm and forthright faith was almost tangible. If it impressed the circle of his collaborators, it did not fail during his long Pontificate to spread its beneficial influence throughout the Church in a crescendo that reached its highest point in the last months and days of his life." Pope Benedict XVI

the director of the pope john paul ii forum
About the Director - John P. Hittinger, Ph.D

John is a professor at the Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of St. Thomas, Houston.

John attended schools in Virginia (St Francis of Assisi in T...

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Reflections on the Philosopher Pope

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